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“Peloponnessos” Protected Geographical Indication

White Dry Wine

Variety: Sauvignon Gris 100%

The Sauvignon Gris is an old grape variety which is a clone of the famous grape variety Sauvignon Blanc. The history on the origins of this variety is scarce and no one knows where it originated, though it is presumed to be in South West France. It’s known locally as Fié Gris – which translates as ‘reliable grey’ or Surin de Poitou meaning ‘superintendent of Poitou’ which may reflect the fact that it is a trustworthy addition to the blended whites of Bordeaux. In France, covers only 2% of the white grape varieties of Bordeaux (332 hectares). However, it is finding favor among the famous Grand Cru Classés of Bordeaux. It is finding also in Chile and in New Zealand.The Sauvignon Gris tends to mature too early and has a high level of sugars. The grapes have a beautiful dark pink color with gray shades and have a thick skin.

Vineyard: In Greece, the Sauvignon Gris is cultivated for the first time from the Domaine Gioulis. The vineyard is located on the slopes of the valley of Klimenti, at an altitude of 800 meters with northwest orientation. The soil is stony clay with sufficient calcium carbonate.

Vinification: Traditional white wine vinification. The grapes are pressed at low temperature for a few hours and clarified by static sedimentation. The fermentation takes place at an increasing temperature of 17-22 οC in temperature controlled stainless steel vats. Light lemon yellow with green tinges. Rich flavor profile of white flowers and orange citrus unripe. On the palate lime exotic fresh fruit, refreshing acidity and a pleasant long aftertaste.

Drink at low temperature (6-7 the º C).